Paper dolls

Paper dolls

It’s the end of school holidays here in Australia. Watching the kids in the street it’s the stage of the break where the combination of heat and boredom leads to squabbles and spats. This is when the odd craft or indoor activity is needed. I spotted these paper dolls the other day and thought someone out there might find them useful. Also here is a listing of paper dolls for children that may also be useful. You can print them out, the kids can colour them in, cut them out and be amused for a little while. It cheaper than trying to beat the heat by taking them to the latest block buster flick.

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  1. Wonderful and interesting blogs like yours made me want to have my own blog. I appreciate your generous sharing of information and knowledge. There is always something new to find – who would have thought of paperdolls! I loved them when I was a child! Thank you

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