Fabric Post cards have already been made

Fabric Post cards have already been made

I am waving to those who have joined the 6 x 4 lives group. Maureen (aka Curli) of Kenmaurs corner has already made a card and blogged how she made it, here . Also Arashi of barococo has joined and added a postcard made by using free motion embroidery. The image is of dolphins!

Well I am not sure what to say with these two already having fabric postcards produced! I have not even thought of mine of yet. I have been working on the class notes for my online crazy quilt class . Its taking me far longer than anticipated because I decided I had to explain everything very clearly since it was online. When you teach face to face you can hold up a product or a block and simply talk about it and hand out notes which are just that notes. Online however it’s a different story so everything has been very well illustrated and that take time. So I could create something to do with that but it sounds a bit boring to me.

Of course I have been working on the diamond block quilt inspired by Martha Bingley so I put my brain into gear and see if something that relates to that might fit. I have to get it organised today as it’s back to work full time next week.

So I am signing off, shifting my mind out of neutral, scratching my head because that always helps to get it into gear, then, putting my two hands against the desk, and pushing the chair back away from the computer, leaving the screen to go and do some stitching …

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