6 x 4 Lives news

6 x 4 Lives news

Do swing by and take a look at the postcards that have been created for the 6 x 4 lives challenge. I am thrilled to see so many varied techniques and I just know this group is going to get me trying new techniques, ideas and exploring possibilities.

Kim of Skybellalerts has made a postcard for this month. Take a look at Kims blog too as there is and an interesting technique she has been exploring backing tissue paper with felt and sewing in on top (I think I have it right).

Neefer of Oaktrees has also posted a card. Laurei (aka geotrax2) has been learning to make socks and made minature socks on her postcard and Ruth (aka wordnerd411) has been reshaping vintage linen to shape a meaningful statement. Swing over to the 6 x 4 lives to see them.

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