Found in the depths of the Warehouse

Found in the depths of the Warehouse

Earlier this month this post by Calidore alerted me to these templates. Well I have been trawling the discount and cheapie stores ever since in the hope of spotting them. I spotted these in “The Warehouse” , I had checked out Go-Lo stores and we no longer have a Klints here so I had more or less given up. Then in the scrapbooking section of the store the gods were in my favour and once spotted I reached for them so quickly the assistant thought I was in some sort of strange frenzy of consumerism.

What am I going to use them for? Marking seams and motifs in crazy quilting. I notice that Linda at Chloe’s place had a similar success so the “Warehouse” must have new stocks.


  1. I walked past them this morning in the Warehouse and I was soooo tempted to get more. Think I might just have to. If I hide them in the sewing room, no one in the family will ever know…lol. Glad you found them Sharon. I’ve been using mine and they are wonderful.

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