A new book in the Library

A new book in the Library

Well yesterday we ended up going out to lunch. Since it is Jerry’s birthday on Monday I wanted to buy him a really nice fountain pen and since things like pens are so personal I wanted him to choose it. We made an afternoon of it and took in a few bookstores along the way. It was most pleasant way to indulge ourselves.

While having an afternoon of indulgence I spotted 4000 Flower and Plant Motifs in a bookstore and decided to buy it.

The book contains 4,000 motifs that look very useful for anyone who is interested in using designs in craft projects. Graham Leslie McCallum declares at the front of the book that “you may copy or adapt any of them for your own purposes”.

I want to say that it looks an incredibly useful book for that reason – there is design after design that can be adapted to embroidery easily or if you are into any of paper arts could be incorporated in designs for cards, etc I know I will be using it and drawing on it for years to come. It is definitely good value for money.

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