Digital Colour Wheel

Digital Colour Wheel

Digital Color Wheel is a wonderfully simple interactive site. You can use it as a tool to either teach the principles of colour, as a resource to draw on for information it is laid out succinctly or if you are in the mood for a dash of inspiration this will give you a few fresh ideas.

Playing around with the Digital Color Wheel effectively teaches you about different colour schemes, in other words what colours will sit together. To use the wheel you choose a reference color, then move the mouse over the different options. These options are different colour schemes such as combinations of analogous colours, complementary colours etc. There is also a simple glossary to explain color terminology if you are a bit rusty on this.

Have fun with this I know I mucked about with it for far too long . Parts of this site and colour combinations would be ideal to print out and keep in your visual journal as a general reference.

Thanks goes to Ruth Ellen one of my students at joggles.com who posted this wonderful link on the forum that is run as part of the class. Take a look at Ruth Ellen’s flickr site over your morning coffee.


  1. Sabrina – thanks for the heads up on this – I did tighten up the security but I didn’t think it was that tight -so I will check this out but frankly if it is the way it has to be I am going to leave it as that – I really don’t want people getting contaminaed files from me.

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