Crazy quilting for newbies

Crazy quilting for newbies

I had a question left in the comments area about crazy quilting and I thought I would bring to the top and do a post. So for anyone interested in the basics of crazy quilting tune in.

It’s always worth browsing the posts in the crazy quilting category for general tips and leads to other sites of interest to crazy quilters and other crazy quilters online.

Last year in response to such questions I ran a series of posts that covered many of the main points. In order they are :

Sourcing Crazy quilting materials

A response to questions about design in Crazy Quilting 

Crazy quilt piecing

Tips for Crazy quilting seam embellishment

Transferring designs to fabric

Crazy quilt embellishment with Silk Ribbon

Brazilian embroidery in Crazy Quilting

Raised embroidery in Crazy Quilting

Embellishing crazy quilt blocks

These pieces were written in response to questions left on this blog. I included these points and expanded considerably in a series of workshops that I offered via joggles.com in Feburary/March this year. When I said considerably expanded – that is possibly an under statement as the lessons printed out to well over 200 pages of information. In the lessons I did not include any stitch instructions or seam embellishments that are already published in either stitch dictionary or in the crazy quilt seam embellishments section of my site. In other words there was pages and pages of new material in the lessons.

Beware some really great eye candy ahead …

By chance Linda at Chloe’s place has just done a post on her class block and last week Nancilyn of What boggles my mind poste her fantastic block here

There is also Block and Cathrine of Calidore’s garden ramblings has her finished block in her flickr account Marci too has a finished block up. I must not forget to pint you to Freda B’s block and Hideko Ishida’s block

As you can see I have been having fun on the eye candy front and I am sure there are others that I should also mention but it’s time to get on with such mundane things as the weeks washing, the dishes and the housework. I have a list of some of the students who participated here so if your time has not run out, as mine has, check them out.

Now I know someone is going to pipe up and ask when is the next class. So I had better mention it before I sign off. Next September – ish I will be running a class that is just concentrating on hand embroidery aimed at crazy quilters but I am sure many hand stitchers will find it interesting. In the beginning of next year I will polish and add more material to the crazy quilt class, and run that again. If you want to go on a list to be notified when they run drop me an email or leave a comment.


  1. Hi there Sharon,

    I would be more than interested to be notified of coming events… Even though at the moment real life has nudged its way into my stitching life I am determined to ‘hang in there’ and embark on some projects…

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