The Constable Exhibit and general chat

The Constable Exhibit and general chat

Yesterday afternoon we took ourselves off to the National gallery to see the Constable exhibition and spent a pleasant couple of hours wandering from room to room. To my delight there are a couple of facsimiles of two small sketchbooks that Constable kept in 1813 and 1814 which people could leaf through. Although the key works were represented in the show, and a room full of his cloud studies these little sketchbooks, for me were the highlight. When you flip through a sketchbook there is always a sense that you can get into the artists head and share what they see before a finished piece is produced.

Jerry wrote about his reactions to the exhibition in more detail and included a few photos he took outside the gallery.

While over on his blog you might like to check out another post on a Knitted tank cosy

Needless to say after poking around in a sketchbook of a famous artist when I got online I was poking around the illustrators and sketchbook blogs. I like Dave Shelton’s idea of taking a pen using it exclusively in a new A5 sketchbook until it runs dry. Page spreads can be found in his blog Have you been out today?

The new Illustrationfriday.com is up. In case you have not encountered Illustration Friday it is a weekly illustration challenge. Every Friday a topic is posted and participants have the following week to interpret the topic.

On the textile front, Pam of Kitty and me has reposted links to one of her free blackwork designs

Thats all this morning as we are once again off scavenging at the swap meet.

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