Making fabric postcards


  1. Hi Sharon,
    Thanks for the links – I am now inspred to join in with the TASDA postcard swap that I was um ing and ah ing about joining – lol
    btw – seems that you resisted the temptation to make a squidoo about as well as I resisted the temptation to “just have a quick search and see what sort of quilt/crochet/etc related squidoos are out there”
    … I had another look at the freeform crochet one, then I just had to do a quick search … and I fell over a fabric postcard one … http://www.squidoo.com/fabricpostcards/ … yes Sharon – by fluke, I found it … LOL
    (I also found the link to your other 3 too!)
    btw … I have only had a really quick look so far, but I like what I saw)
    … and now that I have read about all sorts of weird things ranging from “textile” to “technological singularity” (I wonder how I ended up there?! lol) I think I had better go get some sleep! LOL

    – Andrea (disorganised in Dunlop)

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