Departure day for Eve and Palestinian Embroidery

Departure day for Eve and Palestinian Embroidery

I am up at some ungodly hour because today is Eves big day and we are waiting for Annie Whitsed of Annies Crazy World to call as she is going to give us a lift to the airport as Jerry is away returning on Thursday.

I did however dig out this link to an article on the history and culture of Palestinian Embroidery which is based on cross stitch. The site also houses some traditional Palestinian Embroidery Patterns which look useful.

Never let it be said that I deprived people of their morning coffee reading just because life was a little busy! LOL


  1. Eve is going to have such a great time… I didn’t comment on your entry about her earlier this week but wanted to say that she is one VERY talented young lady! I can’t imagine dancing in public, much less on stilts in a long dress… and you have made some wonderful costumes for her!!

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