Japanese Embroidery Design


  1. Thank you very much for introducing our culture. Motifs are very familiar to us, for we are always seeing them in our daily life. I haven’t taken any lessons of Japanese embroidery (of course it’s possible), though only having several books. Basic stitching methods seem to be almost the same as Western. But the threads are completely different and it’s might be hard to handle them without an experienced instructor. We can’t buy them in our shop. I only enjoy some motifs with DMC even in Japan. I will introduce a very intersting topic. I have sent some motif books to a friend in Belgium. She is an excelent embroiderer. She picked up one motif and stitched it very beautifully. It was a wisteria and pine leaves motif. For us it was easy to see it as pine leaves from the shape. It’s a kind of formula for us. But she wondered and thought it was snow or cloud. She stithced the wisteria under snow then. I thought it was a realy nice interpretation because her embroidery was so beautiful. We can enjoy everything in our own way.

    Hideko Ishida
  2. I studied Japanese Embroidery for about 7 years. It is difficult to master but very rewarding. My teacher was Shay Pendray, who still teaches around the country. It is an amazing art and one that takes considerable devotion.

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