New discussion group, blogs and worrying news

New discussion group, blogs and worrying news

There is a new Needlelace discussion group started up over at Yahoo. Needlelace_And_More is described as people who are

interested in different aspects and/or kinds of lace, and who want to share and discuss and learn more about lace from all angles. Besides the many kinds of needlelaces, including Irish or any other Crochet or Knitted Lace, Tatting (needle and shuttle), Drawn Thread Work, and Cutwork, we follow discussion threads on lace-related research

Another crazy quilter has a newish blog. Debbie of Needle Lil More Time to Sew dropped me an email and I would like to point to her blog and say check it out.

On a personal note my workroom is still in chaos so, although I promised a photo today, I am still sorting and putting stuff away. Photos will be up as soon as it is done. I have sore feet from all the standing and sorting! Jerry posted his pedometer count yesterday and is fiddling his way to health

I have just heard, literally just heard, on the radio that there has been another two-metre high tsunami crashed into beach resorts and fishing villages along Indonesia’s Java island. Needless to say I hope it is not a bad one and my thoughts are with those who may have relatives or friends in the region.

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