100 details for 100 days Day 53

100 details for 100 days Day 53

Day 53

 The other day I featured a seam embellishment that did not have a straight stitch in it. Today straight stitch is the only stitch featured!

On this piece of lace I used beads to emphasise the pattern. It was very simple to do and can be seen on this 8 inch block

Most of the stitching done on crazy quilting is what in the fifties and sixties was referred to as freestyle embroidery, and what embroiderers call surface embroidery. Both refer to the same type of work.

In contemporary crazy quilting many of the surface embroidery stitches are combined into what embroiderers of the old school call combination stitches. The fun is that the combinations are endless and are a joy to explore and discover. They are all based on simple basic stitches and for this reason anyone can do them.

Crazy quilters use combination stitches to cover the seams on a block but they can be used as border patterns. At least that is what they are referred to in OZ. The term comes from the fact that the stitch combination was used on household linens such a tea towels, table cloths, pillow slips etc. We see a hang over of this practice in the many border patterns found in cross stitch designs.

I get a kick when someone takes a seam embellishment and simply uses it as a border pattern as Jane has recently done. Take a look at the baby shoes she has been making. I feel the clock has taken a full turn as Jane has use one of the combination stitches featured in the series and embellished some baby shoes.

I am excited to see this form of stitching being embraced with a fresh approach, not only on these little booties but this form of stitching could be used on all sorts of personal, and domestic items. I can’t see women embroidering household linen the way they did in the past but I was thinking of items such as ipod bags, notebook/journal covers and the like. One row of combination stitching on a small item can really pull it together, make it uniquely handmade, it is not too time consuming, and to do it is not too expensive. With Christmas just around the corner I am sure they would received as gifts with a personal touch.

Debra of Design Studio and has been making progress on her block

Annie Whitsed of Annies Crazy World has used a charm to against a seam embellishment to hint at the theme on her block.

Julia Camille’s Place has been posting details on a round robbin she was involved in. The latest detail on the Kimono block has been published.

Debbie of Needle Lil More Time to Sew has featured more ribbon work today.

Pam Kellogg of Kitty & Me Designs has a free design of a pumpkin that can be used as motif in crazy quilting. It would also make a great motif for red work embroidery.

For anyone just swinging by this series of posts are listed under 100 details for 100 days in this blog. Over on Flickr it is associated with the Crazyquilting Group and photos are tagged 100detailsin100days

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