Some exciting news

Some exciting news

Why have I got a map of the United States pinned to my design wall? Has designing stopped? Where is the fabrics the laces the bits and pieces? It looks as if something is cooking but what?

I have been walking around with a stupid grin on my face for days now. Allison Aller , Willa Fuller and Nora Creeach of CQMag Online have put their heads together and are working to bring me to the U.S. for a teaching tour! Providing we can get the necessary visa to enable me to teach there is no reason why in 2008 I should not be doing a hop skip and jump across the country. This has me excited … hence the map and hence the stupid grin.

If you live in the US and are interested Allison, Willa and Nora do need some help from the lists and the invitation is open to anyone who reads this too. We need to know what groups may be interested in classes. Do you have an established group of crazy quilters or stitchers that are interested in having me to teach and that you can pretty much guarantee will follow through with attending this event?

There ae a heap of things you may be able to help with. Do you have a free or inexpensive venue in which to hold a class of up to 20 students? Is there a person in the group that is a dependable coordinator? Is there someone who can put me up during my stay while I am in the area? Do any of you know of vendors who might help as sponsors to defray some of the associated costs?

Nothing is set in cement yet. Allie, Willa, and Nora (who privately I have nick named my three musketeers) are considering a number of options which we will reveal at a later date. At the moment we are gathering information and would be interested to know what time of year is most workable for groups interested in my visit.

Needless to say I am incredibly excited about this opportunity. I am really looking forward to meeting people who I have been in email contact for a long time. Some people such as Willa I have been in contact with for over 7 years you can’t imagine how excited I am at this. With the travel date being 2008 there is plenty of time to plan, organise and turn it into a wonderful adventure.


  1. Congratulations, Sharon! What a buzz for you – and how exciting for the girls in the USA who have been reading your blog and might soon be able to meet you! I echo the sentiments of Karen though – when you are done with the USA, would you consider a tour of Oz, just the capital cities maybe?

  2. Sharon, it is great that you are going to the USA but what about Europe ??? Germany would love to have you πŸ™‚ Frankfurt is a perfect stop over on the way to the USA :-))
    Just say the word and I will make up the spare room πŸ™‚

    Liz Schaffner
  3. Dear Sharon

    I can understand you being excited about travelling to the USA to give classes. It will be quite an undertaking and I hope you have agood time.I hope you learn as much as you teach as well.
    I have loved your site since I found it a year ago, and I have been inspired to try my hand at cq.
    But I live in Oz. Do you have classes in your native country? I only live in Sydney, but I have a sister who lives in Canberra. Classes would be interesting for me, particularly designing for work for crazy quilts.

  4. Oh boy, Oh boy, Oh boy!! I’m enrolled for the Embellishing class in October, but I would truly be delighted to have the opportunity to be with you in class… Maybe some of your talent and creativity would rub off?? πŸ™‚

  5. Sharon — congrats on your wonderful adventure-to-be. As another Sharon, I might advise you to look at changing the name of your yahoo group — if the middle “s” is viewed with the last part of the name, you might get less than savory individuals joining the list….

    Sharon R
  6. This is a great idea… I hope I can get to this meeting… I never know which way the wind will blow me…I am living a hectic life at this point… but surely I look forward to this.. Stitches of Happiness to you!

  7. The news of your pending 2008 to North America is very exciting. If you come to Toronto which is only about an hour or so from Niagara Falls, we’d be delighted to have you stay with us and we’d throw in a trip to the Falls and area as well.
    Perhaps you should decide where you would like to go and then arrange your tour around what you would like to see and visit.

    chaya erez
  8. Hi there Sharon,
    Congratulations!!!! This sounds wonderful and so richly deserved… How I envy our fellow American CQ’s… Have you ever done an Australian tour??? I am positive there would be lots of Aussie participants…

  9. Hi Sharon!

    My name is Kristine, I have been a fan of your blog for nearly a year.
    I subscibe to Quilt World magazine here in the States and saw the nice full page article on you and the “All that Jazz” charity quilts in the Oct. 2006 issue.
    Congratulations on your celebrity!! You work so hard and your art is beautiful. You deserve the recognition. Btw, I live in Griffin, Georgia. I hope you can make it to a city close-by πŸ˜‰

    Best Regards,

    Kristine Hudson

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