I met the steps challenge on week 16

I met the steps challenge on week 16

This is the fourth week I have managed to reach my personal challenge of 70,000 steps a week. As I mentioned last week I have found that if I can establish a pattern for a month that becomes a routine. I have reached that goal now, so I have decided to drop blogging the pedometer count every Monday. The challenge has worked as I think now I will regularly manage to keep my activity level at a healthy level without it feeling unusual or difficult. Since its off topic, I have achieved the count for 4 weeks running, its getting a bit boring as a topic I am now dropping the Monday morning post. Thanks to everyone who encouraged me as it’s most appreciated.

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  1. Go Sharon! I am glad that you have gotten into such a healthy routine. I understand giving up the posts. I can see that they have served their purpose, and you are on to other things. πŸ™‚

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