Crazy quilt bag details

Crazy quilt bag details

I have finished the pouch I was working on. It is yet to be assembled but the embellishing is all done.

The last time I reported on this progress of this pouch I had series of buttons with bead tassels hanging from them as the colour was to subtle for the pouch on a whole. I decided I did not like them so I unpicked that area and did this.

This area is on the front of the pouch above the bead tassels. The floral spray is worked in cast on stitch. The spider web at the top is at the fold of the flap.

Embellishing the back as well as the front is probably not practical as the back of the pouch does rub against the body but I figure a bag like this would not be used everyday, so will not be under a lot stress with wear. A button cluster and a dragonfly adorn part of the back area of the pouch.

You can see the start of this silk ribbon spray in my post on October 12th As you can see it looks quite different once beads are added. This is also on the back of the bag.

These bags/pouches make ideal small projects and gifts. These pouches on this page, are the same pattern. Front and back are covered in embroidery and even under the flap. This is the under the flap area.

Just a reminder tomorrow my online class for the Develop a Personal Library of Stitches with Sharon Boggon starts. Last week I wrote a brief outline of what is covered in the class. If you are interested it is to be found here. With that blatant plug, as there is still time to enrol I am off stitching for at least part of the day.


  1. Pam and Mary – I think I like Crazy quilting because it give the excuse to use all forms of embroidery – variety is just plain fun. Pam I use a regular everyday bag and never change it because there is too much stuff in it – when ever I do swap my bag I inevitably leave something behind and need it!

  2. Sharon, is there anything you do that I don’t like? This is so beautiful! You mentioned that a bag like this wouldn’t be carried everyday, I’d have a hard time not wanting to use it everyday. I do use the ones I’ve made for myself on a daily basis. I take a differnt purse every day and I suppose several would be considered evening bags but I don’t care. I’m proud of my work and I love using my one of a kind purses.

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