Tips on photography

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Tips on photography

I have recently discovered a new blog which has had me digging about in the archives and generally having a good satisfying poke about. The key topic area of Strobist is photography and it is loaded with tips and tutorials that will improve your photography. For instance for approximately $10.00 you can create your own Macro Photo Studio which will enable you take photographs like a pro. Strobist has also published Lighting 101

These are great tutorials but it was this rant that gave me some thoughtful moments over my morning coffee and a dash of mental sustenance, as what makes a great photographer great can be applied to any of the creative arts. I added this guy to my bloglines account on the strength of this article alone but the many hints on taking a good photograph will gratefully consumed.


  1. Sharon thanks for that link! The rant was just the challenge needed to help with a photo class I had started this month. But I see applicability to my needlework running all through it, too.


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