Textile artist Renee Harris

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Textile artist Renee Harris

Textile artist Renee Harris uses needle and thread as a graphic medium illustrating her narrative imagery on felt. I find these images paticularly mysterious hinting at stories I am yet to understand.

My feeling about the embroidery I use in my work is that it is a true drawing tool which utilizes a needle and thread instead of a pencil. Hand embroidery is a tactile way of expressing line and uses time to achieve balance. I have a quiet passion for this work and fewer words to describe how it makes me feel.

Do swing by and check out the site her work is delightful


  1. What a treasure Renee’s work is, Sharon. I loved some of the quotes that she had along with the work. In one she said, “Landscapes within landscapes challenge me visually more than a single scene. I want to provide another place to visit within a piece so that I won’t want to leave too soon.” I didn’t stumble upon this quote until I’d viewed a number of her pictures and then this was like a key that opened them up even more.

    In someways I wonder if that’s why what I see in the crazy quilts you all do fascinates me so much.


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