How Sassa Lynne threads stitch up

How Sassa Lynne threads stitch up

In the mail this week I received a wonderful gift from Myfanwy of Nuvofelt. Myfanwy runs a business Winifred Cottage and she sent me some of her hand dyed threads.

Myfanwy sent me a 3 thread pack colour Damask and a hank of Jumbo perle Fine Serendipity (unrepeatable). I normally dye my own threads which means that much of what is on the market, although I like, I do not necessarily get over excited about and normally resist buying but I am watching what the Aussie dollar is doing compared to the pound and I am seriously tempted to buy more of these threads. This is rare.

Before I go on I am not associated with this firm in any way and apart from receiving the gift of threads this week will not gain in anyway by making this recommendation. I thought I should at least put them through their paces before really raving about them so used them on this months 6 x 4 lives fabric postcard challenge. As you can see I have worked one of my ‘textured’ pieces. The idea behind this challenge is to produce a fiber postcard at least once a month that records what you have been exploring, doing, or thinking about. This format is ideal to see what these threads stitch up like.


This type of heavily textured work really puts threads through a lot. They stood up to constant twisting, knotting and generally rough heavy work without fraying or misbehaving. So I was impressed.

Here is a close up. The foundation fabric is hand dyed linen. About 30% of the stitching is done in these new threads. The other threads I used were rayon, wool, and silks. Beads are also incorporated during the stitching process. The photo is perhaps a little too red as in real life the contrast between the dusky red is not as high against the back ground fabric. It is more muted. I have cropped the image as I have not yet backed and edged the fabric postcard.

I will probably use the threads for next weeks samples too as I simply love them.

Don’t forget to take a look at the6 x 4 lives flickr group as there are some great fabric postcards created as part of this challenge.


  1. Wow!These threads are absolutely mouth watering!
    Wish I could lay my hands on them!I haven’t been embroidering due to bad health for a while but if I could grab these threads I would restart instantly.They have such immense possibilities!

  2. Oh my Sharon! Is there anything you do that I don’t like? Your work is amazing to me!

    And thank you again for your daily blog posts. I know full well how much time it takes to blog every day and I for one, truly enjoy and appreciate your daily entries.

    Pam Kellogg

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