Developing Your Own Color Palette by Maria Peagler

Developing Your Own Color Palette by Maria Peagler

A couple of weeks ago I pointed to Maria Peagler’s site. Maria left a comment about her series of blogs posts on Developing Your Own Color Palette. It is only now I have had a chance to take a good look at them. The series has been published as part of her blog so you do have wade through past posts that do not directly relate to her main point, but it is worth while doing and definitely worth reading.


  1. I really enjoyed Maria’s site. On her main blog site on the right hand side there is a section called “Greatest Hits”. All are worth the time to read, and her online lessons are all listed there so we don’t have to page through interim postings — although each was so interesting I didn’t feel my time was wasted. I hope everyone takes time to visit her gallery with her awesome quilts.

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