Another Diamond block

It’s time for another my weekly report on the state of my WISPs (Works in Slow Progress) as part of Sandie’s UFO and WISP challenge.

This time I have completed a block from start to finish with both embroidery and beading done. As you can see it is another light tone block.

Once again it is a block for the diamond block quilt I am working on. It is inspired – or the shape of the blocks were inspired by a quilt made by Martha Bingley in 1883.

Above is a detail of the floral spray section on the block

A detail of one of the seam embellishments …

Another seam embellishment which is alternating barred chain worked in fine knitting wool then decorated with flower shaped beads.

That’s it for this week. I would have liked to get more done but I have also been working on samples for the next class I will offer at joggles.


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