Morning inspiration

Morning inspiration

I often browse the net when I feel a bit dull headed and in need of a bit of inspiration. Images in stitch is a double dose for those who are contemporary embroiderers. All artists use fabric and stitch to create imagery.

I have said before that stitching can be used and interpreted as a mark making tool. Embroidery has so many associations with the domestic that often we see embroidery through a veil of the associations of a home craft only. This blinds many including many stitchers to the potential of a graphic mark created in thread.

Another site is the well known 62 Group which was founded in 1962 – hence the name. If you are unaware of their work do browse the gallery.

There are a number of emerging artists whose work you can discover on the Hand and Lock prize for Embroidery Galleries are housed on the site of both finalists and winners for the last 5 years. These links can be discovered in the right hand side bar.


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