65 things you can do with denim

65 things you can do with denim

After my post on Wednesday about the denim jeans I wanted to recycle I decided to browse the sewing and quilting sites a little more to see if I could find patterns that could be adapted for patchwork denim projects or use up small scraps of denim. I ended up with a list of 65 things you can do with recycled denim and some of them would make great gifts. I have cut into my pile of scraps. Anyone want guess what of these I am making?

1. A Denim Jacket like this one. This jacket is inspirational too

2 I thought this pattern for a vest was unusual and would be suitable for denim patchwork

3 This waistcoat of recycled denim caught my eye

4 You can make a cape of patchwork

5 Recycle old denim into a Jeans skirt

7 A Denim Barbeque Apron.

8 A Gardeners Apron or it could be adapted to a wood workers Apron

9 Slippers would be a bit different

10 Scraps of denim is suitable to use in hats of different styles

11 Or a beret

12 Bags of all sorts can be made in denim

13 This A bag made of overalls

14 A classic Tote bag or a Six-Pocket Tote Bag

15 This Saddlebag Purse would work well in denim

16 A Shoulder Bag

17 This Handbag is another option

18 These Designer Handbags would look great in Denim

19 This Perfect Purse is also a great pattern for denim

20 Then there is a Blue Jeans Purse

21 Or a Zippered Coin Purse

22 A Backpack

23 Or a Beach bag

24 This design for a Toiletry Bag for the man in your life, could be made in denim

25 Strips of denim crochet or knitted bags like this one

26 Utility Bags that can be worn on the hip

27 A Travel Bag for shoes

28 A Wheelchair Totes

29 Travel Pouches look handy

30 This Casserole Carrier could be made of denim

31 A trendy Tea cosy

32 A Car organizer Now we do need that. Chaos reigns in the back of our van.

33 A Remote Control Organizer to keep all the remotes in one place.(That is if everyone put them back in there!) (PDF)

34 A Denim Organizer

35 This sewing organizer is for quilters and sewers to use in a workshop.

36 Using scraps of demin you could make an Eye Glass case

37 A denim Pencil case

38 Paint Brush Holder

39 A Travellers Document Folder

40 Luggage Identification Tags of denim so that you can find in a crowd of other suitcases at baggage collection points

41 This Waste Basket cover could easily be made of denim

42 Give new life to a chair by making a slip chaircover

43 Chair Cushions

44 Or make a Bean Bag Chair in denim

46 Denim Pillows and cushions

47 Placemats

48 Make two table runners and do this with them

49 Coasters can be made of one square of denim some people call them Mug rugs

50 Pot Holders

51 Oven mitts

52 Using strips of denim fabric braid a rug

53 A heavy duty quilt of picnic rug maybe even a quillow that can sit in the back of the car ready for picnic stops

54 Fabric balls

55 Make a Knee Pad for when you are weeding.

56 A Dog Bed

57 Pet Accessories

58 Door Draft Dodger

60 Diaries and Journals can be covered in denim, this design is held closed with a belt!

61 A Sewing machine cover

62 A Sewing Busy Bag (down the page) This design is very popular as thick freezer zip lock plastic bags are stitched down the center of the bag to hold sewing and craft equipment. My suggestion would be to add a pocket for a mini rotary cutter mat.

63 You could make some Large Christmas Stockings for something different

64 A rice hot pack

65 Fabric Roses


  1. Sharon,
    I just cleaned up my sewing room and packed up all the denim/jeans to give away….after seeing this list, I think they’re all going back to my room! I made a purse for my teenage daughter out of a pair of jeans for a 24 month old. (They were on sale for $5) You can see the picture on http://flickr.com/photos/linmoon/490098612/. I needed a quick gift – and she really liked it.

  2. May be you could use a faux chenille technique for whatever you make. You would use much more of your denim than if you just use one layer. I hope to make a bag one day…
    Sharon, you are just unbelievable – with all the information you have provided us in this post! Thank you again for writing your blog.
    I can´t wait until July when your next class starts. I only regret it will be during school holidays. With children around there will be less time.

  3. Denim Paper that is a totally brilliant idea!!! thanks for the link-
    Mary Anne I can see a Christmas gift list too – a recycled Christmas once more – most of my friends/family would agree witht the idea although I must admit to some friends who would not but in an era when we are all becoming aware of climate change recycling is becoming more fashionable

  4. Wow, what a list Sharon! And thank you so much for including my things too. I really need a sewing machine cover for my second machine so I’ve downloaded the instructions for that, along with the ones for the blue jean journal. I can see a few Christmas presents coming from these. Thanks so much for spending the time to find all the wonderful ideas!
    Mary Anne

    Mary Anne

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