Crochet Insider

Crochet Insider

The Crochet Insider is run by Dora Ohrenstein who has crochet hook in her hands designing garments for a good many years.

The online magazine is full of news, interviews, tips and inspiration. The gallery section houses contemporary and freeform crochet.

Since it’s Sunday morning so as I did, grab yours self a cup of your favorite beverage, settle back and flip though the magazine.


  1. Hi Lilyrose – I had not posted a post because our internet service provider went down and I could not get online
    so it was there because it was not written – same with the comments I could not get online to moderate them

  2. Hi Sharon I log into your site each day and up to yesterday had no problem, however, I could not access your comments for Sun 3/6 until today. If you have made an entry for today 4/6 it does not appear on my screen. Can you throw any light on this?? Regards


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