Machines that changed the world

Machines that changed the world

Did you know the term luddite has at is source a connection to textiles? Jerry has written a post on Arkwright’s textile machines that he spotted in the London’s Science Museum. These machines are the machines Ned Ludd and his Luddites protested against.

In poking around a little on the history of the luddites I came across this brief article on the luddite movement which says that in the summer of 1812, some of the Lancashire protesters were transported to Australia. I wonder how they felt about the back breaking work of building a colony and how they faired after serving their sentence?


  1. Hi Sharon,

    Fascinating stuff – I knew about the Luddites being sent to Australia (but think I heard most of them went home after their sentences were served). But you sent me off on a tangent, and I found the Lacemakers of Calais – who actually supported the machines. They ended up in Australia. But were not allowed to make Lace.




    Linda @ Chloe

  2. I actually did know that, from being a history buff. I love to read about the things that led up to what we have to do. Nice to know that, in the end, people survived the coming of technology, and the loss of jobs, and lives improved eventually. Sounds as if Australia was a dumping ground for England’s problems, but that’s probably why Australians are such a strong people!


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