Botanical Illustration

Botanical Illustration

I know stitchers love plants, flowers and gardens. In fact botanical illustrations and gardens feature heavily in the tradition of embroidery. I think everyone will enjoy this squidoo list on botanical art particularly the galleries listed under the “Examples of Botanical Art” section half way down the page. This is a design inspiration site that will get you thinking about floral motifs and patterns.

Life is a bit crazy at the moment as we are going down to Sydney for the weekend again! I guess I will get more knitting in the car done as it is a 3-4 hour drive down and a 3-4 hour drive back. I will be back writing here Monday morning. For anyone taking one of my classes I will check in the forum via an internet café – which I am sure will be interesting in itself!


  1. Hey, Sharon, great link! I’m a member of the Yahoo!group Botanical Art and Illustration, headed by Cynthia Padilla (she’s Dallas-based but teaches internationally). They know I’m fiberwork-based, but my interpretations are welcome also…I love MakingAMark’s blog, but didn’t know she had put together the Squidoo lens…awesome job, so thanks much!

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