Victorian Perforated Paper embroidery

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Victorian Perforated Paper embroidery

As a follow up on my post about 1886 catalogue of embroidery designs online Gina of Patra’s Place left a comment about one of her EBay finds asking if the piece embroidered on perforated paper was the same as the pattern catalogue available.

The Pattern catalogue is of stamping designs and produced definitely as patterns for embroidery rather than an example of this type of Victorian Perforated Paper Needlework . This type of Victorian fancy-work was popular at the time. The embroidery is done much like it is on fabric except you are stitch on pre-punched holes and samples of it can still occasionally be found today. Sometimes it is called punched paper embroidery

As a side note you can still get Perforated paper today although the modern stuff I have seen feels like a perforated plastic to touch. I don’t know if it is plastic or treated paper but it is still available and used in combination with paper crafts such as making cards etc.

On another note entirely, I am not sure how many people follow my other blog Mind Tracks but lately I have been exploring Second Life as I see the virtual world as another form of social software. It’s an interesting place full of challenging experiences.

This year Blogher07 has a virtual component in Second Life. So all weekend my avatar has been sitting in a conference room listening to speakers discuss and talk about blogging. I have never met so many female bloggers in one place! It has been just great fun chatting to them and sharing knowledge and as soon as I finish this post I am heading back in world for the wrap up party!

If there are any of my readers out there that are also in world drop me an email and we can juggle the time zones we will get together for a virtual cuppa I think it would be fun.

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