How to colour touch old Black and White Photos

How to colour touch old Black and White Photos

Do you remember those old black and white photos that were touched with colour? Usually wedding photos were done this way. Since many quilters print family photos to fabric and use them in their quilts I think some readers here will find this a useful tutorial as Color Touched Black and White Photos shows you step by step how to do it in Photoshop. So if you want to re-create that vintage photograph look in a quilt, scrapbooking or any craft activity this will help you to do it!


  1. Leonie – before I went to art school I was a photo retoucher too – When ever I think of that job I think “all those dead soldiers!” So I guess I am one of those women who “anonymously disappeared into history” well … maybe not so quietly in my case

  2. Hi Sharon:
    I found this very interesting as I worked as a Photographic restoration artist and retoucher for over 30 years and the laborious job of retouching now just requires the stroke of a key or two to do it all! Ah, progress! I noticed the person in question on the site spoke about air brushing the photos but that is a later innovation. Prior to that photographic artists hand colored the photos with special photographic oils and dyes and I think you will find that a large number of them you see from the 40’s era are done in this medium. I have many in my personal collection from WW11 and prior that are hand coloured. One of the most famous photographers of his time was Wallace Nutting ( 1861 – 1941) and he had a stable of young ladies who hand coloured all his photos. His work is now highly sought after by photo collectors and the young women who worked for him have anonymously disappeared into history. Another career where women have been exploited over the years!
    Thanks Sharon for sharing the information -it’s always appreciated and it’s been most interesting.

    Kind regards,


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