Craft Fair and blogger fun

Craft Fair and blogger fun

Every Year I look forward to the Craft and Quilt Fair I usually go out there on the first day with Annie and see the annual Canberra Quilters Exhibition, bump into a pile of people I know (if the truth be known half my day is in the refreshments hall having a cuppa with various people) and of course checking out the stalls. I spend the whole day there and it just flies as there is so much to see and delight in. This year I was sick for the opening day so I was blue at not being able to do my usual ‘thing’ but yesterday I did go out there for part of the day.

One of the things I do every year is swing by a stall called Sew It All as there is always a good bargain to be had on evenweave fabrics. Yesterday I handed over $60.00 and walked away with this stack of linens. ( pieces! The Linen pieces are 50 cm x 42 cm or if you live in the states approx 20 x 17inches. I pick up a selection every year and it is enough to keep me stitching all year.

Sewitall sell Aida, linen, hardanger fabrics, and evenweaves of all sorts and to my delight are online. The site has a section for Australia which unfortunately is down which makes a bad impression but you can contact them via their UK site.

I am not affiliated in any way with this firm just a happy customer. I have no idea what their online service is like but every year this gentleman serves me with a smile at the craft fair. I know that if I did require something through the year I would give their online service a go. I told this gentleman (sorry I don’t know his name) I would publish this shot so here it is!

I have had an email from SewitAll to tell me they are working on their site and if Aussies go to www.sewitall.com.au and select the flag products are in Australian dollars.

Nice blogger award
I haven’t even caught up on my blog reading yet but I know of three people that I know of have nominated me for a Nice blogger award . Annie of Annies Crazy World , Linda of Chloe’s Place , Elizabeth of Quieter Moments . I am touched and appreciate it immensely but now I have to think about who I am going to nominate and I can’t pick! There are too many nice blogs out there.

OK I will try not to be a spoil sport. My nominations are:
Allison of Allies in Stitches , Pams Kitty & Me Designs , Debra of Debra’s Design Studio , Emmy of Cramzy,, Melissa of Fabric Dyeing 101 , Robin of Beadlust and Mary-Frances Main of Frequently Wrong but Never in Doubt


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