Crochet workshop sheets to download

Crochet workshop sheets to download

For anyone who is interested in freeform crochet otherwise known as scrumbling these Crochet workshop sheets are worth browsing. The files are available to download as PDFs from Sylvia Cosh and James Walters.

They are described as

These worksheets were created in order to save workshop students from having to make basic notes during hands-on sessions, because this is hard to do when you’re up to your elbows in hooking and looping all day. So I’m not sure how much real use they’ll be to anyone who’s never attended any of the workshops, but you’re welcome to get what you can from them as they stand.

Although obviously a workshop situation is the ideal learning environment these notes look very handy. They are concise yet cover the basics for freeform crochet. The sheets on colour combinations I am sure will be of immense to use. They are the sort of document that is ideal to print out and paste in the back of your visual journal as a general reference, not only for crochet but other projects as well.


  1. Sharon, I’m always looking for techniques which my kids class might be interested in. I’m familiar with scrumbling from a workshop by Jenny Dowde though haven’t done a lot. I wonder if 6 – 11 year olds could do it? There are some lovely yarns around for a few dollars these days, hmmmm…. These worksheets might be VERY useful as my reference. Thanks, you amaze me how you find such great links all the time. I often spend many hours surfing around following links from your links !!
    Hooroo, Christine in freezing “totally over APEC!” Sydney

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