Square Boss Stitch

Square Boss Stitch

Square boss stitch sample 2Square Boss stitch is similar to Rice Stitch and you can easily mix the two in one area. You can really have fun with this stitch particularly if you change threads. You can use one thread or colour for the large cross and another thread of colour for the corner tie downs. Swap between thick and thin, metallic and dull or explore colour combinations. Square Boss is one of those simple stitches that can produce interesting results.

How to work Square Boss Stitch

Square Boss stitch is also known as Raised Knot Stitch. Don’t ask me why as I don’t know. It is very similar to Rice stitch as it is only the cross bars moved slightly. As a result of being such close cousins much of what you can do with Rice stitch you can also do with Square Boss.

Square Boss Rice stitch illustrated stepsSquare boss starts with a larger cross stitch and the tie stitches are tucked further to the crossed threads in the middle. This means that the pattern established varies from Rice stitch but many would say Square Boss stitch is really a variety of Rice Stitch. I am inclined to agree with them.

I hope you enjoy experimenting with Square Boss stitch.

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