A question

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A question

Although for some an attachment to an object or collection of objects is about consumerism in the case of textile practitioners their attachment to  their stash of fabric and materials is more complex. One complex aspect is the combination of the history and its potential reuse. A fabric perhaps it was a favourite dress and there is always the potential of extending its life and meaning by making it into something else such as quilt.
So my question is do we become slaves to possible meanings?


  1. It all depends on what is in one’s stash, of course, and therefore the handling of what comes out of it. Creations can show levels of emotional involvement ranging from objective “recycling” at one end of the spectrum to passionate, subjective “preservation” of the materials (plus their loads of possible meanings) as the goal of the textile activity.

    Considering the aura of thrifty and frugal origins surrounding the craft of quiltmaking, I think it is understandable how some get totally caught up in this – and yes, agree it is particularly easy for textile artists to become enslaved to possible meanings as a prime justification for what they are doing.

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