Take it Further challenge January

Take it Further challenge January

Hi all here I am bouncing around after my small blogging break. Happy New year! I have not yet set out my goals for the new year but I am thinking it through as I go through the process of a work room blitze but more about that tomorrow as I know many people are swinging by for the Take it Further design challenge because the first of each month will be the day I post about it. So without any fuss this is the challenge …

The key concept for January is a feeling we have all had, the feeling of admiration for another. Ask yourself who do you look up to and admire? Why? What is it you admire about them? This is a the first Take it Further challenge in 2008. Take the idea, develop it into a resolved design during that month and apply it to fiber or paper.

As I explained in the guidelines, every month there will be two options. The second option this month is a colour scheme. This means that if you don’t like the concept you can work the colour scheme or if you don’t like the colour scheme you can work with the concept. Or you can work with both.

The colour scheme for this month is below. I came up with it by using ColourLovers If you have not seen this site before and love colour do check it out as there is lots of fun to be had over there.

As promised I have a flickr group set up as well. The flickr group for the Take it Further Design Challenge is here

When you have worked the idea swing back to this page and leave a comment with blog or flickr address so that people can take a look at what you have been working on or done.

How did I come up with the idea? Just before Christmas during the cleaning the usual cleaning frenzy I was complaining about having to get into high areas of the rooms. Eve my daughter strapped on her stilts and proceeded to clean with ease! For those new readers to my blog Eve is a circus performer. I made a wise crack that now I have to look up to her and the idea for the challenge this month was born. Eve is a woman with Altitude!

Joking aside, I do admire her as she is following her own dream and its not an easy industry to be in. I also admire any entertainer who can make people forget their worries for a moment. It’s a gift to be taken somewhere out of our everyday lives, to be made to laugh, to delight in music, or to marvel. Even if you step out of yourself for only a few moments an entertainer has given a moment of freedom and pleasure. I really admire people who can do that for others.

Eve certainly made me laugh as she cleaned. OK that is enough of my babble.

Also I have been tagged by Vero of Au Fil du Jardin and Neki of A Moveable Feast for the Make my Day Award. The rules are that I am supposed to tag 10 other blogs which I am going to do but not today as its going to be a bit hard to choose just 10 blogs. So give me a day or so to think about it. I am in the middle of a studio sort out but tune in tomorrow for news on that …

Enjoy the challenge, I want to say its great to be back. I feel revived and I am cooking up a few plans for the new year as I sort stuff out in that room that is supposed to be a studio. Tell me apart from posting pics of my studio as readers have requested do have to confess to UFOs too?

She shudders and moves away from the keyboard, downs the last of her coffee to gather her strength, pulls herself upright and walks slowly down the hall. Squaring her shoulders she turns the door knob and pushes the door open determined to tame what is inside …


  1. I finally got my January post up – do stop by and have a look!

    I’m looking forward to a good browse through the list above now!

    I didn’t want to peek before I’d finished my piece!

    Onwards and februarywards!

  2. Finally finished and posted mine. I guess that is what happens when you throw out the ideas you had and start all over from scratch.


    On the other hand, I “knew” what I wanted to do February as soon as I looked at the colors for 5 minutes. Now I am just waiting on some fabric I ordered.

    Everyone PLEASE stop by and leave any kind of comment. I have never made a textile art piece this big! (5×7 *chuckle*) I normally make ACEO’s and they finish A LOT faster. Hhmmm …. I wonder if that is why I make those more often for my Etsy store, DUH!


  3. Hi Sharon/All,
    I still have not even started my January thingy … but a couple of days before the end of the month I did come up with an idea for something I want to do for it … LOL
    (I hope to still actually do the thing, eventually … just not sure when).
    disorganised but not in Dunlop – because I’m logged on here @ work (I popped in here from the link I have on my blog, which I was looking at because I like to check, every now and then, what it looks like from other computers than my own – lol – a bit different on here actually – a few of the things on it don’t show up because they are blocked on our work intranet … ) time I went home I think (I’m only still here because I worked back late today)

  4. Golda Meir has been one of my heroes since i was a small child. This month’s project was a joy to work on although i should have spent more time on the fussy bits. you can see the completed work on my weblog.

    time to start thinking about february’s challenge!

  5. I already posted my Jan. piece, but I just want to say that I am so inspired by all of the very different and beautiful work I have found through this challenge.

    I am afraid that I will be so lost in everyone’s blogs that I won’t be able to find the time to do February!

    LOL, bring it on! I will be away from my computer until Monday, so I will be chomping at the bit until I can see what our next challenge will be!

  6. I haven’t finished yet, but I will be contiuning with it. Sorry I haven’t posted to this. I thought flickr was enough. I always seem to answer my own questions after sending them to Sharon. Sorry Sharon. I should be a pro by next month. I have been posting my progress on flickr. I will post another one tmro morning which will be January 31st for me.

    I have already decided to do a machine piece for next month. No more hand work.


  7. I started out and didn’t like my piece so I started over. It took me a long while to decide what I wanted to do. But i did experiment with a discharge technique that I think I will use again.


    Judy Momenzadeh
  8. oops… I’ve been leaving my updates on the wrong page… well I’ve made progress with the January challenge… but my woven cloth has turned out ‘huge’… so it’s going to take some finishing… I’ve even started a new blog just for this challenge… I’m also using it to explore the meaning, to me, of ‘slow cloth’ through these challenges…


  9. I have posted my TIF in progress. I think it has become a “slow cloth”. Hopefully, I’ll have more time this weekend to get caught up.
    I’m really looking forward to the February theme.

  10. My January Challenge is complete, due to our wonderful dial up I have only managed to put my completed work on the webring, however I will brave another go tomorrow morning. Most frustrating.

    I have been looking at the finished work and my goodness…..what amazing talent there is out there. I feel so priviledged to be able to feast on such creativity!

    Looking forward to Friday and more beautiful creations.

    Sharon a note to you – You have opened up a world to me that I never dreamed existed, you are so generous with you knowledge, I’m sure it comes back to you a hundred fold. Thank you!

  11. I’ve added my January block to my flickr
    and to the group flickr site.

    I took the color challenge, and I’ve decided to do a hexagon block each month – with a small quilt in my future.

    I’ve spent way too much time looking at everyone’s challenge pieces, and then going off to look at the blogs or flickr pictures – amazing work.

  12. I have enjoyed seeing all the challenges so far.I have posted photos on my flikr page Beach nanna, but am unsure how to put them on your site Sharon.
    I tried following debbie’s advice but could not find What she was talking about on my screen. I’m very new to all this.:-)

  13. All done with January. Posted it on the Flickr photos site, too. It’s interesting to see the variety of work done for this challenge posted there. I began with sweaty palms, thinking this would be really difficult, that mine would never be good enough, no idea was really gelling. A light came on somewhere in my mind when I realized that this was just the first one. Doesn’t have to be *the* perfect project. Then it was fun and I kept going back to it putting a little more here and there, taking it a little further….


  14. Excuse my ignorance. Is this where I submit
    my notice about my callenge piece and where
    it is?
    Anyway I finished the color piece and guess
    I’m not going to finish the theme one.
    Hopefully next month I will be more creative. Look on my blog and tell me what
    you think.
    Thank you Sharon, this is a great exercise
    for me to try, just has been a bad month.

  15. Hi Everyone! I feel awful that I don’t get to stop by as many blogs as I’d like! This week I’ll try to add more to my list, and in the meantime, if anyone out there can come up with a few more hours to add to the days, I’d be willing to take some of them off your hands!

    Here’s my piece, finished painting and ready for final embellishment:


    Now of to try and see at least some of yours. . .

  16. I have added some photos of my preliminary work on the challenge to my blog. I am doing a paper collage, and this represents the first stages. I hope to be finished by the end of the week.

    I am enjoying this challenge very much, and love to see everyone’s work. I love a truly open-ended challenge like this, everything from gall bladders to penicillin, and so much more in between!

  17. Hi Sharon and everyone, I have uploaded pics to flickr of my compelted January challenge. I used the colour theme.
    Karen of Kazzy’s Place and I made a mini challenge to do with the stitches we were to use so we had set guidelines to help get going.

    We had 3 compulsory stitches to use (drawn out of a hat from an assortment of possibel stitches), and we also had to use a shape in some way (also picked from a number of choices from out of a hat).

    More details about the mini challenge are on my flickr site in the comments on each picture, plus some pics of finished works from a couple of other members of our embroidery group who thought the mini challenge sounded fun.

  18. Anna, if you scroll down to the bottom of your Flickr page you will see hyperlink options, on the second one ‘YOU’ choose the third ‘upload’ and it will take you to the relevant page that should then be self explanatory. Have you joined the TIF challenge group yet? if so you can then attach your photos to the group by choosing the ‘Organise’ hyperlink. Hope this helps. x Mgt

  19. Hi everyone, Got a call tonight and my husbands sister has passed away. Will be leaving out on Tuesday for the funeral. I’ll be taking my challange to work on while i’m away. Will show you the progress when I get back. Glad I have some hand work to do on that long ride up and back. Blessings…….cheryl

  20. I have realized that if I am to do this challenge the way I would want too, I will be spending too much time on it and that I can ill afford. So, I am bowing out now, before I get more and more behind with things I have been meaning to do for a long time.
    Thanks for the inspiration from your blog. I will enjoy all of the pictures that are posted for the challenge.

  21. Been doing some thinking and have realised I can’t take on this challenge after all. I have some other projects on hand which have to take priority and TIF will be one thing too many unfortunately. Reluctantly I’ve seen I need to focus more on less. So, thank you, Sharon, for all the information and inspiration you give. I’m sorry i have to back off from this one. I shall be looking at all the pix!

  22. Finally! More progress to post!


    This post includes directions to my TIF only posts and directions to TIF only photos on one neat page. I’ve done this in lieu of futher posting on Flickr, which has become too time consuming and is also redundant for me, as I can post the photo album from my blog. (Please forgive my “wordiness”. I really am having fun with this challenge!)

  23. I’m back. I now have a flicker account which i’m not sure I needed to use to put pictures on a blog but i’ll use it until I learn different. I like the color scheme myself because I have just tried to make Batik. I have just made my first piece and this month I’m going to be experimenting more. SHARON…. will this work because it is a lot of work and it is way past my comfort zone 🙂 I’ll try to put a picture up tomorrow. Thanks….cheryl

  24. Weekly up date on my blog today http://glorioushats.blogspot.com/2008/01/progress-notes-on-take-it-forward.html

    and also album on flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/glorioushats/sets/72157603629470250/

    Have very much been enjoying the work I’m doing and very much appreciate the work and following progress of others in the challenge. Thanks so much to all who have shared thus far as well as to Sharon B for a thoughtful and inspiring lead.

    Hugs, Jane

  25. Hi Sharon a bit more on my progress on my blog
    Also I dont know what on line stuff there is about making fabric journals, I have made several and there are many ways of making them, a good book is Fabric Art Journals by Pam Sussman, I think the most comprehensive on making and binding different types. Patti Culea has a tome and a yahoo group. The most basic way is bound using eyelets, that way you only do one page at a time, using a front fabric, a stiff interfacing or a batting if you want a softer book and another bit of fabric for the other side, either zigzagged on the machine or blanket stitched and as much embellishment as you like.
    I could go on but this is long already.

  26. Carol-Anne (CA) yes I do think it will over complicate things and make heaps more work. As not only is there another blog to run but also lots of email back and forth explaining to people how to blog!
    I also run the challenge as a treat for my readers – I do it as an extra for them so I would like to see them here

  27. Sharon, just a thought. Would this be more manageable if there was a Take it Further blog like the Beaded Journal Project (http://beadjournalproject.blogspot.com/)?

    If everyone posted there instead of leaving a comment here, would the RSS feeds be simpler? (I think you commented that if you register for RSS comments, you get every comment, even those to unrelated posts.

    If you think it will be more work, or over complicate things, please dump this comment.


  28. I’ve avoided looking in here until I had formed an idea for piece, I did not want to be influenced by someone else’s brilliant ideas. Of course, I have already seen some because so many of you are in my RSS feeder already!

    Now I’ve blogged my initial thoughts and uploaded some scribbling to Flickr, I feel free to take a peek.

    Wow 130 posts to catch up with already!


  29. I have just come back from holidays to read the challenge. A few thoughts happening, more about the people & what they all have in common. Love the colours, I might even explore that avenue. Mmmmm.. off to think.

  30. I put up more preliminary pictures and some materials on my blog today for this month’s challenge — now to find time to start stitching since I have to work and my daughter has 7 basketball games this week (she plays on two teams).

  31. Hi Sharon I missed the join up but if it is ok I would like to take on the challenge in my own time like the take a Stitch tuesday. I do have a blog but had lost the urge to create after nursing Mum through her final illness hope this is ok Marilyn Australia

  32. Well, Ive done my first post about the challenge for this month. I’ve given myself a deadline of Jan 10th to decide what I am going to do. I’m having a difficult time with this one, but then I wanted to have to challenge myself, and this is sure the way to do it. I don’t feel alone though, I’ve been reading the comments and I’m sure don’t feel alone.

    Congrads to those who have gotten further than me, especially to those who have finished. I’ve been checking out the different blogs and everyone is doing so well.

  33. I have dumped out my stash, chosen a few threads, and decided what would be more fitting than to do another piece inspired by the beautiful art crazy quilts I have come to love and admire – as well as the ladies who make them. As usual, I will use my own medium – needlepoint – to replicate the look of fabrics and embellishments.

  34. Barbara most blogs have categories -its a good point for those who are new to blogging –
    I have a string of categories in the side bar including one for Take it Further and another for challenges in general and other topics too -it means people can browse and read just in the subject area they are interesting in. Once you get used to blogs they are more useful than people first realise.

  35. OK, here’s my next step:


    And I think I’ve found something may simplify things, at least on my blog. I don’t know about other blogs, but TypePad, which I use, has a “category” feature. I am categorizing all my TIF posts, and you can see them all without schlogging through other stuff (unless you want to), simply by clicking on “Take It Further” under “Categories” on my right sidebar. This way, if all you’re interested in is the TIF posts, they’re all in one place.

  36. Hi!!!I posted here earlier today and just noticed that my comment wasn’t showing. Did I do something wrong??? Does the comment need to be read by you before being published? Is there a time delay???

    It’s not that my posting was so great, but then again, if it doesn’t show, how are you going to know I’m working on the challenge even though for now there isn’t anything to show!!!!

    Next question : I read in an earlier post that we can subscribe to the comments feed directly… how do we do that????

    Also, I saw that Coupaillon sent a comment in French, if you have any questions, I can translate.

    And…. if your daughter is going to Vero’s in France, she’s welcome at my house too and she won’t even be obliged to do the housework on her stilts (but then again if she wants to, I won’t say no!!! LOL)

    anyway in my earlier post I said I had written a long article on my progress so far… (not much of one I’m afraid, but there is a connection to something) and it’s a very very long article, so be prepared to read!!!!

    Sorry, this is a very long comment as well!!! OOps!!!!

  37. Happy New year Sharon…well this has got my brain just a thinking…and I finally decided now how will I or what will I use to project it..hmmmmmmm! Thanks for doing this for us and for all the inofrmation and help you give to us..

  38. Oh, my goodness, what have I gotten myself into now? The who do I admire has really got me stumped, BUT those colors are eating away at me. May just have to work with those and see what I come up with. However we will see what happens in the next couple weeks.

  39. Tuscany – your question
    “I just discovered that if I click on the name at the top of a comment, and that name is underlined, the click takes me to that person’s blog. Isn’t that amazing? Sharon, did you arrange that?”
    No I did not arrange that it is the blogging software that does it for me but it assumes people fill out their blog address properly etc

  40. Hey! Sharon & everyone,
    I just discovered that if I click on the name at the top of a comment, and that name is underlined, the click takes me to that person’s blog. Isn’t that amazing? Sharon, did you arrange that?

  41. Sharon..I’d like to first thank you for all of the time that you spend inspiring all of us. I have learned so much from the information and “eye candy” that you share so freely. The concept challenge idea came to me immediately when I read it. Now, to just create it. You’ve, also, inspired me to start a blog for this and my other creative indeavers….another challenge for this barely computer savvy person. Many posts mention “signing up” for this challenge….is there a place to do this?

    Sherry Johnson
  42. First, Happy New Year to all- here’s hoping it is a creative and productive year for us all.

    I’ve posted my initial musings on the January concept on my blog. Definitely not in my comfort zone, but that is why I joined the challenge! I’m looking forward to seeing how others interpret the concept.

  43. Hi Barbara

    “1. I’m assuming that this is the official place you’ve set up for us to drop-off our post links and pick-up and view the progress of others, so I’m leaving comments on this page with links to the static pages of my posts as I blog my progress. Is this correct?”

    “2. Am I also supposed to leave similar comments with links on flickr? Or any other place?”
    if you want to – the more palces you spreadd the word the more people will see what you have done

    “3. I know that while I can subscribe to your blog’s feed, I can’t subscribe to this comment feed. Is there a place where we can leave our links and get updates of just this challenge in our feedreaders? In other words, I’m looking for one-stop-shopping, or as close to it as I can get, especially since there are so many of us participating. Is this possible, or am I fantisizing?”
    You can subscribe to the comment feed
    most comments are about he challenge – but you will get all comments – I cant do more than that- sorry no one stop shopping

    hope this answers your questions

  44. Hi Sharon, Please forgive my need for clarification, but I have a couple of quick questions:

    1. I’m assuming that this is the official place you’ve set up for us to drop-off our post links and pick-up and view the progress of others, so I’m leaving comments on this page with links to the static pages of my posts as I blog my progress. Is this correct?

    2. Am I also supposed to leave similar comments with links on flickr? Or any other place?

    3. I know that while I can subscribe to your blog’s feed, I can’t subscribe to this comment feed. Is there a place where we can leave our links and get updates of just this challenge in our feedreaders? In other words, I’m looking for one-stop-shopping, or as close to it as I can get, especially since there are so many of us participating. Is this possible, or am I fantisizing?

  45. This has really made me think! I haven’t given up on the admired person theme, but discovered I have the colors and just pulling thread and fabric out has the ideas moving! Guess I will start with the color challenge.

  46. It’s taken me over a day to wrap my head around this one. Who do I admire and why? It really comes down to I admire a lot of different people for very different reasons — it’s an individual trait not the whole person usually. So I’m thinking of ways to make this work.

  47. Hi,
    I’ve decided which of the many people I admire to do the design about, and one of the reasons why I admire her. She is following through on her dream to be a published author. I will work on drawing up characters from her book to embroider and include in a CQ wall-hanging. With so much going on, I am hoping to get one block made this month, but hopefully have the design elements in place to finish the hanging at a later date. Thanks for the challenge!

  48. how fun to read everyones thoughts on this mths challenge – thanks so much for starting us off with a interesting one. I now have something to post on my blog

    at first I was a bit stumped but now the ideas are flying – now to narrow it down 🙂

  49. I’m Marjolein from Holland. I would like to wish everybody a very good year. When I was reading the challenge, I thought it would be convenient to mention the corresponding DMC colours. The colour scheme may not look the same on every monitor.

  50. Happy New year to you all. With pen and paper I am about to take the plunge. Dianne I have just looked at your mindmap….Sharon I have to say this ia a great way to organise the mind. Looking forward to what lies ahead!

  51. I find the color scheme very beautiful. Among my fabrics I have found nearly similar shades. So I shall definitely do the color scheme.

    As to persons who I admire, there are my father and mother, and my husband. I’m not sure whom I choose. I have inherited my love of crafts from my parents, so I could easily honor that… And my husband has taught me patience, caring and optimism… We’ll see what I choose.

    I’m sure this will be an interesting year with Sharon’s TIF Challenge. Looking forward to it all!

    Marjatta Kaarala
  52. What a great challenge with a lot of possibilities-very good for me.

    It’s early morning and what comes up for me is that 2 women have meant a lot to me and that’s my mother and Anna.2 friends who could smile one moment and cry the next.Their lives had the complexity that make one so happy.In every sorrow they found something to be thankful of.
    In every thing they found a challenge.Anna had 4 small children when her husband died and she had to do everything herself after that.And she did.She was a very good at knitting,doing embroideries….and to be a farmer.And she could enjoy life.To see my mother and Anna in action talking and reflecting gave me courage to live and do handicraft and always try find something to enjoy.

    The colours are very interesting too.Maybe I do a little quiltie withnthe colours represented in it or…….
    Thanks for a good start of 2008

  53. Thanks for the tip about subscribing to comments in your reader, Ill spend much less time trawling though your comments.
    cheers (you’ll probably get 100 less hits a day from me now)!

  54. Happy New Year Sharon and everyone! Wow, this is a challenging concept! I feel like a total novice, having only come to all this (PLOS, TAST, TIFC etc) a couple of months ago. Still, my head has been full of ideas for the last 24 hours and this afternoon I will start to put pen to paper in my little design book (eek, never thought I would have one of those – I’m an ENGINEER, not an artist!) that I have bought for TIFC. Thanks for throwing me in the deep end, Sharon, let’s see how well I can swim! Cheers Mara (in Beijing)

  55. An interesting challenge, and I hope I’m not in over my head. Oh well, that is kind of what this is all about, isn’t it? Okay, I’m ready to jump in and give it my best effort.

    Blessings to all, Louise

  56. Best wishes to you and your family, Sharon, for a fabulous New Year. And thank you for this challenge. I’ve posted a note on my blog outlining my thinking so far about the design concept. I hope to use the colors in the design – I just love them. Not sure about the link to my blog, but try this:

    Happy smiles! Susan

  57. I posted a tutorial of sorts on what I think I’ll do for this month of the Take it Further Challenge using the colour scheme. It’s on delta braid/trim a traditional applique art form from the region where I live. This is going to force me to have patience and perseverance. You can find the link here: http://tundrathreads.blogspot.com/2007/12/delta-braiddelta-trim.html.
    Hope you had a lovely holiday Sharon! Your fibre diet is something to aspire to (not yet, for me, though)!

  58. Happy New Year Sharon! I had to move early with some of the challenge phases, ie. subject, color, idea… The older I get, the more I learn where my ” mud gets stuck”. You definately gave us thoughts for reflection. Thank you for mentioning the comment feed subscription. Now my only hope is that everyone will respond to this post with updates, vs your other blog posts. Thanks for being our “challenge momma”!

  59. Funny thing I have a little shoe box with samples of those very colours and a silk of a fairie to match. Right now I am trying to produce a Quilt in sunset colours so I didnot sign up for your challenge But I may do the assignments any how.

  60. I plan to use a piece of embellishing made by Jean Littlejohn as an inspiration. I have a lot of 100% wool felt that I will use, plus I will add some kind of thread or yarn embellishment using the Embellisher or by hand. I’ll post pictures on my blog. The colors of my felt pieces will determine my color scheme.

  61. Ok, first I want to say that that color scheme is VERY interesting. The concept has me thinking. I thought early on that I would be doing 10″ familyblocks in the color scheme each month that most fit the family member. My girls really have wanted me to make a family quilt.

    HowEVER, now the having me sorting through my family and friends, jotting down the reasons I admire them. I’m thinking I will do this over the next week as we travel to Arizona to visit my brother and look at potential homes (no, the house hasn’t sold yet!). By the time we return home perhaps I will have come up with something truly profound………one can only hope!

  62. Linda
    Subscribe to the comments on my blog using your RSS feed reader – click on the comments on the challenge post and copy that URL into your feed reader .Then when people leave a comment you get it in your reader .

    As a side note it is also the reason it is important to leave your comment on that post as that is hat people subscribe to.

    Also since you are new if you click on any title of a post it will take you to the individual page of that post. this means you can book mark just the posts that are announce the challenge each month. You can also use that web address to link to as well.

  63. Hi Sharon,

    I’m new to this, is there an easy way to keep tracks on what everyone is doing? At the moment the only thing I can think of doing is either adding all the blogs to my feed reader (aka overkill) or regularly trawling through your blog comments. Have I missed something?

    I’ve decided to go with the colour group -it’s new to me and has already sparked off something completely different!

  64. What a challenge you have set us Sharon. Great to get all those grey cells working after the holiday.
    It’s a good thing my husband doesn’t read your blog. I have my workroom up in my loft and DH says it’s going to collapse with the weight soon!

  65. Well the challenge has begun. Imagine my surprise when I came home from the quilt shop, opened my computer and discovered that the months color scheme option fit right in with the fabrics I have chosen. That would make it too easy, so I have chosen to go with the concept for the month. In thinking about the concept, I haven’t chosen a specific person, that I admire, but rather, a character trait which tends to be evident in all the people that I admire, the ability to look at the world and the people in it always in a very positive light. (perhaps I admire this because I struggle so much to cultivate this in myself). This brought me to mind, some colors and fabrics that I am using in my latest wallhanging that just seem happy and positive to me. My idea, which I stitch into a fabric postcard once it is finalized, is a bit simplistic, but for now I am going with it. Sketch is posted at http://www.flickr.com/photos/tyquilts/

  66. C’est déjà un défi pour moi de lire en anglais, ensuite de passer par un logiciel de traduction et après d’essayer de comprendre, je vais faire appel à des copines douées en anglais chaque 1er du mois.
    J’aime bien le bleu, le violet et le beige mais un peu difficile avec les autres couleurs.
    BONNE ET HEUREUSE ANNEE et merci pour ce défi

  67. Okay, off we go again. Will need to think about which to tackle though, both are challenging. The colour scheme is certainly not one I would automatically chose or relate to so maybe that is the one for me, I’ll have to push some barriers here I suspect. I immediately see a 1950s floral design or…………… keep the other ideas for my blog! I will be convalescing the second week in January (the dreaded gall bladder op) so lots of time to mull it over. Great to see everyone seems refreshed and raring to go.
    Good luck everyone and I look forward to reading all those blogs

  68. Hi Sharon, nice to have you back.
    If Eve happens to be in France, tell her she will be most welcome in my home, I too have some spiderwebs to get rid of…
    What a concept… I’ll take the easy way for a start, i.e. the colors, but I’ll try to think over the concept too.
    By any chance, do you have an idea of how many of us have completed the TAST?
    Have a nice evening.

  69. Happy new year, Sharon. And thanks again for TAST and your courses.

    Thinking about what I want to accomplish this year, I’ve decided to withdraw from the TIF challenge. There are several projects I’ve had in mind for some time and haven’t been able to get to. With my limitations, it’s just not possible for me to participate in the challenge and work on these other projects.

    Of course, I’ll be following along, enjoying what others are doing with TIF, and maybe I’ll even jump in at some point, but I don’t want to be committed to it.

    All the best wishes for another productive year,


  70. Hi Sharon,

    So glad you’re back! And hope you had a lovely holiday season!

    The theme took some thinking on my part but I came up with something interesting. I’ve blogged my first post on my concept choice and I will be working with your color scheme as well. This will be so much fun! I expect by the end of the year, I will have quite the interesting quilt to put together.

    Thank you again for a fun challenge and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I know I will!


  71. While I was searching for information about making fabric books, I ran across a comment of yours, Sharon, about them being used as an “autobiographical record” or something to that effect. I certainly see this first challenge falling into that category as it will be a way of leaving my memories of my precious grandmother for my family. Thank you for a wonderful beginning.

  72. What a thought provoking challenge for January and a lovely way to begin the New Year. I also love the color scheme-perhaps I’ll combine the 2.

    I see Eve has your gift of creative solutions for daily challenges. She’s given a whole new purpose to stilts.

  73. Wow, not the sort of “key concept” I was expecting! However, I’m up for the challenge! I have done some initial explorations on the concept in what is now my Design Journal (a fancy term for a book where I note down ideas), and I have posted it in the Flickr group and on my blog, along with some explanations.

    It is the first time I have ever done anything like this; so it was either get something out in public quickly, or completely chicken out if I allow myself time to work up all the self-doubts. Now all I have to do, is continue to think about who I admire, what sort of fibre “genre” I want to use, how to translate my thoughts to that genre, and actually do the work. Not a problem. Hah!
    Jocelyn in NZ

  74. Well, wouldn’t you know it – I drop out of TAST because I can’t keep up then don’t sign up for the new challenge and manage to complete it before it’s even posted! So now I am sorry that I didn’t sign up!! too weird – although I prefer to think that ‘great minds think alike’!


  75. LOVE the colours – and the Colour Lovers site is a real find ! THANK YOU ! for posting about it . Blessings for the New Year and thanks for organizing this fascinating challenge. I am still counting my pennies – hoping to take the Joggles class !

  76. With great trepidation, I have started a blog. Hope you don’t mind that I borrowed the tif name, since, at least for now, I only intend to use it for this challenge. And quite a challenge it is.

    I’m going to be going through my own destashing, because we are going to move in 2 months, but I’m going to have a whole room for my stuff now. I am so excited! Between that and doing some projects for my daughter’s wedding in April, I may have trouble keeping up at first, but I will try.


    Cindy B

  77. Hi all as to the UFOs I am back at the computer because I am downloading photos from my camera. LOL
    As to the challenge – I did say concept hinting that I wanted people to think and people do have the option of working with the colour scheme if they don’t like the concept.

    Karen – as to “am I to assume that you don’t want us to do a piece on you as a person I look up to and admire?” It never even occurred to me – please don’t!

  78. Just looked at the colourlovers website and I was wondering if your palette had a name which could be searched.

    Great idea. Trying to think of who I admire and I must admit at the moment I am stumped but no fear I will be there at the end of the month.

    I remember walking on stilts when I was younger, wish I could that now with our 9ft ceilings!

  79. well..if you are going to go the the trouble of weighing everything – you should include the UFO’s…and if you weigh them in we really need to know what they are, don’t we???
    Does Eve do call outs…ive got a few spiderwebs in the corners….
    Im glad the challenge has started, I hope I dont fall at the first hurdle!

  80. great shots of Eve! Love the challenge you’ve set. I decided not to register for the challenge this year — looked like you had lots of people and I did such a lousy job of following through last year, but I have the intent to follow along as I’m able…. Looking forward to playing with this month’s idea 😉

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