Some answers to readers questions and new tutorials

Some answers to readers questions and new tutorials

I was asked by a reader to do a round up of resources on creating fabric books particularly binding them. Unfortunately there is not a lot published online I thought I would throw the question out to readers. Leave a comment if you know of any resources about making fabric books particilarly binding techniques? The few resources and links I have leads to Emmy of Cramzy has been using fabric book pages format for the TAST challenge.

Fabric Art Journals is a blog about journals created from textiles and textile techniques. It was established for an group interested in creating art journals of fabric. I am not sure if this group is still active but it is worth exploring the archives as there are loads of links and inspiration on this blog. Anyone interested in contemporary textile techniques would find resources of interest. The group was established by Arlee of Albedo Design

The other question that landed in my inbox today is about embroidery on hand knits. Interweave press has a PDF on their site which covers embroidery on knits .

This Youtube video shows how to embroider using a crochet hook so it is actually a contemporary adaption of Tambour chain stitch which is then double whipped to create a whipped chain stitch.

During the past week I have stumbled across a couple of tutorials too. For those who are stash busting and decluttering and have a stash of mens ties which need to be used, Carol of Carol Sews has posted a tutorial on using mens ties in a crazy quilted cushion.

Deireth of Tundra Threads has published a tutorial on how to make a Delta Braid

On another topic altogether but for anyone who is interested in the history of visual journals the Codex Atlanticus, is the largest collection of drawings and writings by Leonardo da Vinci, and it has been infested with mould. According to Italian authorities the mould, ranging from black to red in colour is going o be expensive to remove. What can I say except – bummer…

Just a friendly reminder My online class Sumptuous Surfaces will run again in January commencing January 24th. The last time this class was run some fantastic work was produced. You can see students work on the flickr group that was set up for students of the class. Even if you are not considering the class it is worth taking a look as there is some great stuff there. The class commences January 24th. There is further information about the class on this page and you can book this class here at joggles.com

I do not re-hash what is already online on my site. So if for instance you are participated in Take it Further challenge it is not the same material. A challenge is very different from a structured course as such. Please don’t confuse the two. In my courses there is always a strong design component that is applied to stitching. The class lessons explain both the principals of design and “how to” of design and are structured so that you move from stage to stage in coherent manner. The lessons include illustrations and step by step instructions about the process and you can read some of my students comments on the Classes offered page.

Well its the weekend here and I am off to do my Saturday morning jobs as I back to the routine of work on Monday …


  1. Thank you ladies for the links and ideas for fabric books. Looks like Amazon will get a little more of my money again. And just when I had taken the “no more books until you have used up the ideas in the ones you already have” pledge. Yes, I’m addicted. LOL

  2. Dear Sharon!
    I just wanted to wish you most exiting and creative year 2008!!! I feel sorry, my hand betrayed me and I couldn’t continue the TAST challenge, but I am thankful to you and this wonderful challenge, that I started to love hand stitching…

    Thank you so much and all my best wishes,

  3. Not on the web but in my ‘one day’ book collection I have “Fabric Art Journals” by Pam Sussman and I can really recommend it. They look great and easy to follow but as I say inferred I have not tried any yet.


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