Fresh off the hoop

Fresh off the hoop

For what it is worth here is the first project off the hoop for the year. Listed as WISP no 2,  it is a sampler of odd stitches and patterns I wanted to try out. I work most of my samplers in bands as they created simply to record a stitch or to experiment making them  more about process than a finished sample. Samplers like this are like doodle cloth only stitches are worked in straight lines! I use them to refer to when I am short on ideas.

Anyway its my first WISP finish for the year …


  1. That looks lovely.

    I’m sure this must be the reason for some of the sampler bands that were made. A mediaeval needlewoman making a band to remind herself later, in the same way we photocopy patterns and save URLs.

  2. Hi Sharon, I wanted to let you know that I completed my January Take It Further Challenge Block! I say with a bit of sadness because I enjoyed it so much but I’m eagerly looking forward to Feb 1st to see what you have in store for the 2nd month.

    There’s some symbolic things about my block which are all mentioned in my blog post for today.

    Also, I did new seam treatment design and charted it out for my readers and posted that a few days ago.

    Thank you very my Sharon for this fun challenge!

    Pam Kellogg

  3. this of course is lovely, but what I REALLY like is the date … fabulous to have completed something! We had so many holidays, and yet I feel as if I didn’t get anything “done” πŸ™‚

  4. Carolyn
    This is on 27 count quaker cloth but usually I use a 26 count linen simply because it is easy on the eyes – sometimes I work in 28 – 32 count it really is mood and what I am experimenting with.

  5. What thread count do your use for the fabric you have selected? I have a whole collection of samplers. I was introduced to them by Miss Roma Field, who was an old lady in the NSW Embroiderers Guild, Chief judge at the Royal Easter Show and the most wonderful talent and beautiful person.

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