Work in Progress Report

Work in Progress Report

As promised on my declaration of UFOs and WISPs I am attempting to document what I am stitching each week.

Even though its been very busy at work I have another diamond crazy quilt block done. I thought you might like to see it. For those who have lost track of what this quilt is, this block is part of a crazy quilt which will be set like this. After I pieced the blocks I laid them out and photographed how the quilt will be set. I am slowly embroidering the blocks.

Last week when I spoke about decluttering I asked how people were progressing with their goals that were set at the start of year. Many of the replies are very interesting and worth following.

Once again anyone working on UFO’s, WISPs, destashing etc that wants to share what they have done feel free to leave a comment with your blog address so we can visit and pat you on the back. I might make this a regular thing as I really enjoy grabbing a cuppa and poking about to see what others have done. I hope others feel the same way!


  1. Your blocks are just stunning!! do you have any pictures of a finished quilt you did like this? I would love to see what a finished project looks like!
    Thanks!! Katydid >^..^<

  2. I had a depressing “shock” last night when I went looking for some fabric items. My items (fabrics, beads, threads, etc) are (ahem) semi-organized, but there are some WIPs that I wonder if I’ll ever finish. Some Baltimore Album blocks, some small thread counted cross stitch, a 12 month block series — all lovely, but still work that takes work. I was at an very low energy point in the evening — too tired to do anything, but looking for something that didn’t involve “counting” (I knit a lot)or a lot of concentration. Or prep work. Sigh. Didn’t find anything — although I kept that too myself as my spouse would have said, “excuse me? How many closets full of “stuff” do you have?” It makes me wonder why our brains always say “I want to do this and I want to try that” and then we end up with too much. I put everything back.

    Maybe I’ll work on the counted cross stitch this weekend — I’ll take a photo now.
    It’s a Russian towel sampler designed by Lucy Lyons Willis.

    It is fun though seeing Sharon’s decluttering posts and progress.

    BUT … back to the TIF Challenge this am! MaryjoO

  3. I’m actually starting to make some progress on my UFO’s this year. Last year was a complete bust.
    I’m also slugging through “easy” projects like making quilts for the kids….I hate the projects, it’s hard!
    However, I’m starting to make progress this year (I have a progress bar on my sidebar). I’m still stuck on several of my projects tho…mostly because they’re down to boring and repetitive stitching (like my Jan 24th post with my sunset photo).
    Anyway, I’m stitching along and trying to get caught up.

  4. Yes you piece the block on a muslin backing. Then you embroider each block then piece the block together.

    Allie’s in Stitches often documents how she puts a quilt together
    check her side bar for the categories

    If you go to Annies Crazy World you will find how Annie assembled the Katrina quilt there is a series of of posts – work backwards and you will see what she did

    here is the entry that is most applicable (but there are a few others too so do check out the others

    Deb if you click on the image it takes you to an larger picture of the block so you can see it – up in the right hand corner is a magnify glass – so you can see an larger version again

  5. Hi Sharon, you said “After I pieced the blocks I laid them out and photographed how the quilt will be set. I am slowly embroidering the blocks.” Do mean you are embroidering the blocks before sewing them together? Do you just make an allowance for the seam as you embroidery? Ila

  6. This is so beautiful. Wish we could see it a little closer up. How large are these pieces? It’s a wonderful idea to do this quilt this way. I look forward to seeing it finished.

  7. Oh what a beautiful block! This quilt will be a treasure when it is completed.

    Stop by my blog if you want to see how much I cleared out of my sewing room. I found someone to build shelves and now I’m really in the business of decluttering! Thanks for the motivation!!


  8. Was feeling good for the several finished things I’ve managed (inc. 2 denim circle quilts = 14 pair of worn out jeans recycled!)
    BUT your progress picture reminds me of the box of UFO treasures that still await…including 2 grandmother garden/english paper piecing projects in hiding. Somewhere in the sewing room…

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