After Easter …

After Easter …

We had a wonderful Easter break at the National Folk Festival. Jerry has blogged much of it here If you like Irish/celtic music and would like to hear a bunch of people  playing at the session bar Jerry has a video  online. I spent a lot of time catching up with some very old friends. Folkies get together each at festivals and we have been going to the national for  30 years so when I say I caught up with old friends – I meant old friends 🙂

Anyway we both enjoyed ourselves but came home with a flu so now feeling a bit worse for wear. So if you don’t hear from me tomorrow you know I am in bed.

In the meantime just so this post is not totally off topic I received an email over the weekend from Marie Alton of SRE Deluxe as she has published a tutorial on  Creating tiny tassels


  1. Dear sharon,Thanks for the tips .I had lost the Blogger basics Url.It should have occurred to me to scroll down your previous posts with the links you have provided.Thanks alot and sorry for troubling you when you are ill.:).I am going to come back only with my March TIFC.

  2. Dear Sharon,I hpe you are better now.I saw your post on Tasselation yesterday.Thanks for the links.I have written on how tassellations are used in Kolam-an Indian artform.Please read it at my site.How do I show a link in your comment.I have lost that site you recommended.Thanks once again for the great work you are doing thru your blog-connecting people

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