Kent State University Museum Costume Collection

Kent State University Museum has a website that highlights their extensive textile collection. The collection is divided and presented in four parts, chronologically, geographic region, exhibition and type of embroidery.

Most of the collection consists of clothing so anyone interested in costume or the history of garments will find this site fascinating as in my browsing I encountered Japanese kimonos, Arabian caftans, heavily embroidered Spanish bull fighting jackets, and rich Indian textiles. There is lots more housed on this site, so make a cuppa, and settle back for some truely irresistable eye candy.

The site houses valuable information on how to care for historic costumes and textiles which anyone who has an interest or has to care for textiles, should read.

There is also a well illustrated dictionary of costume which really needs quite some time to explore  if you want to gain full benifit  from this resource.

The current exhibition is the Art of Embroidery but you can also browse their past exhibits too. More eye candy … I had better make another cuppa.


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