How to do Hand  Embroidery

How to do Hand Embroidery

How to start hand embroidery is covered in this video made by StitchingCow. The video covers the very basics like choice of needle, use of a hoop, and starting and ending a thread. 

The Stitching Cow site is worth checking out too as there is a free redwork embroidery pattern with a Christmas theme



  1. Yolanda You did not leave your email addy so I have to answer here. This is a very wide question as you do not say what type of embroidery you are doing but usually the background is left as the fabric.

    Sharon B
  2. Hello I just started embroidery myself. I pretty much got the basics down but I need to know when filling a big area what fill do you suggest. I tried a satin finish but it doesn’t look right.

  3. Arlene all of these styles are monotone in nature but different traditions. Off hand I don’t have anything – you could try the search function on this blog or google each term as you will turn up lots of information.

    Sharon B
  4. Hi Sharon, thanks for sharing this it is nice to see how other people start and finish their work. I have a question (unrelated to this subject) that some others might want to know the answer to also.

    What is the difference between Whitework, blackwork and redwork? And is whitework simular to Mountmellic? Also do you know of any good sites where one can learn how to do these techneques, (a girlfriend who is not a computer literate person what’s to know).
    Thanks again

  5. Sharon, thanks for sharing this link. It’s always interesting to see the different ways people approach hand embroidery. There are a few ways to start and finish hand embroidery, depending on the type of embroidery and the final use. I thought it was interesting that she started with a knot in this type of embroidery (I don’t) and she used 50cm of thread (I use about 35cm to avoid knotting)

    Glad to see an Aussie putting up some tuts on YouTube though. Thanks for sharing the link,

  6. What a great idea! I was always frustrated when I started doing hand embroidery because, although I could find lots of descriptions on how to make particular stitches, I didn’t know how to start or finish off the thread and I had a lot of trouble working out how to do it.


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