Fun on ColourLovers

Fun on ColourLovers

Has anyone ever taken a good look around Colourlovers? I know I have used it all year for the TIF challenge but I have not explored it nearly enough. 

I have become totally side tracked with Colourlovers pattern making tool. Why and how did this come about?

This year we are making our own Christmas crackers and I wanted to print out paper that was a little different. I was going to check out the various printable sites but instead ended up designing some of my own.

The images Colour Lovers produces  can be down loaded in different sizes such as 1920×1200, 390×300,   800×600,   1024×768, and  1600×1200 therefore easily printed on and A4 sheet  of paper if needed. 

These patterns are available as freebies from my Colour lovers page. Just look for the column of patterns and you will see where I have been mucking about.

You are free to use them,  but please attribute them to me, and link back here. Thanks, enjoy!

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