Gift Presentation and Gift Wrap

Gift Presentation and Gift Wrap

Often it is the finishing touches to a hand made gift that can really influence how it is percieved. If a handmade item is presented well it can shift it from the negative connotations of homemade to positive associations of hand made. I want to add, I don’t see the term “home made” as negative but many people still do. That issue aside, often an item that is carefully presented is perceived in a totally different manner.

Also the holiday season is a great time to try your hand at some paper crafts such as creating your own gift boxes. Many of the patterns and techniques used to create party favours can be applied to making a gift box for a special hand made present. For instance if you choose holiday themed card stock to make this box and tie it off with an appropriate ribbon it is a lovely pattern for a special gift box that you can make

Another tutorial for a gift box in a bag has been published in Inspirational Tips, Techniques and Tutorials.

Even if you are new to paper crafts the Basics section of  Mel Stamps is very useful. Mel has published lots of free patterns, techniques and tutorials on how to make boxes easily. The site houses templates and patterns for boxes, envelopes, purses and bags. Mel is happy for people to use her design for personal use.

While poking around looking at making gift boxes I found this free tutorial and pattern for a Five in One template box kindly provided by Beate Johns

MeggieCat has published a pattern for a Star shaped gift box and a Candy Cane Horse Pattern 

Origami gift boxes are lots of fun to make and illustrated step by step directions on how to make them can be found on line here.

Of course you can hand print your own gift wrap. I discovered this tutorial on how to use the base of a celery as a stamp to make your own gift wrap. I have done this in the past, and the print looks like a rose.  It worked a treat. Other vegetables and fruit work well too such as half an apple can produce some prints suitable for a fabulous gift wrap. You can also use cauliflower and of course most people have heard of using potatoes. potatoes and carrots can be carved and make great stamps.

Of course these print techniques could be used on handmade cards. This box card is fascinating and very useful for thin gifts like money!

You can also Recycle Greeting Cards into Gift Pillows This great idea is illustrated in a step by step tutorial over on Maven’s Haven, They look as if they could hold small gifts or perhaps an edible treat like sweets of biscuits.

Also Tipnut has a huge list of ideas and tutorials for 101 Gift Tags, Toppers & Wraps which I must admit I have not gone through totally.



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