For the Love of Stitching Sampler – Band 15

For the Love of Stitching Sampler – Band 15

This section of the band sampler is fairly free form with numerous hand embroidery stitches and hand dyed threads of various fibers used. It can’t be divided into into ‘bands ‘ as such but I am describing the sections as best I can.


This band illustrates experiments with chain stitch, and many of its varieties. Included is  twisted chain stitch, Barred chain stitchreverse chaindetached chain stitch, Pekinese stitch,  Palestrina stitchOyster stitch and experiments lacing and threading chain stitch.


A hand dyed Danish Cotton, mercerised cotton, cotton (crochet thread), silk (the same weight as DMC perle 8) and wool (the same weight as Appletons). Most of these threads were obtained from a weavers supplier.  


This section of the sampler is a dress linen which is not quite an even weave, hand painted with procion cold water dyes.


Procion cold water dyes for the cotton, wool and silk threads


All samples are 15 cm (6 inches) wide and stitched together in one long band sampler.


Sampler FAQ and back story
For the full back story on this piece visit the Sampler FAQ.


All posts in the series are in the category  the Love of Stitching Band Sampler.


  1. This free part of the sampler really appeals to me – loved the previous 2 sections also! Chain lends itself so nicely to such a freehand treatment – it isi really inspiring.

    In the detail i am intrigued sharon – what sort of chain stitch have you stitched in the orangy tone before threading with the navy?

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