CQ Mag online is out

CQ Mag online is out

The latest edition of CQ Mag online has been released.This issue is of particular significance because it is in memory of Nora Creeach, our former Editor and Publisher, who passed away late last year. This makes this issue special. For instance Mary Corbet has written an excellent article on Goldwork and Crazy Quilting while Allison Aller has explained her Seam Driven Motifs. Cindy Thury Smith has written a tutorial on creating a Piano Border on a Crazy Quilt. Anyone interested in ribbon work will enjoy Balancing Act: Making Marigolds by Celeste Chalasani. I have diagrammed out some ideas for crazy quilt seams too.

These are just a few of the highlights from this latest issue. Grab a cuppa and head over to the site to enjoy a bit a reading.

For those who are new to the online crazy quilting community, CQ Mag online is a community run, not for profit, free ezine published online 4 times a year. It is written by crazy quilters for crazy quilters and is usually packed with tips, tricks, ideas, techniques and advice form people who have a needle in their hand a good part of any week.


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