Encyclopedia of Needlework online

Encyclopedia of Needlework online

Encyclopedia of Needlework by Thérèse de Dillmont (1846-1890) has been published online as a web site. 

Usually online books are delivered as PDF files which are easy to download but still a bit unwieldy and costly to print out. It is really handy to have version as a website, as you can pop online with a search function check something quickly. 

The book consists of 16 chapters that range across many areas of needlework. For anyone looking for pulled and drawn stitches there is a chapter on Single Cut Openwork and a chapter on Whitework which is useful. Under Miscellaneous fancy work there are some interesting techniques along side some canvas work stitches. 


  1. Thank you so much!!
    found an invaluable chapter on net stitches and net darning.
    very exciting stitches and will try my hand.
    i’m currently working on a series using old lace and found places where it had been darned. so fine a work you could only tell by touch as the newer net was coarser than the original.

    neki desu

  2. My husband bought this book for me from ‘The Beehive’ in Cairns North Queensland as a Xmas present 30 years ago. It has been like a bible for me. I’m so glad it’s on the net. Now I can enlarge some of those small illustrations.

    Thanks Sharon

    Carolyne Foley

  3. thanks sharon for that site – I have the book on loan at the moment from the local library and it will be good to still have easy access to the material after i take it back. It is an amazing volume, isn’t it? the old story – some of those old books are irreplaceable.

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