Free hand embroidery pattern

Free hand embroidery pattern

Free hand embroidery patternI have been playing around in Illustrator again and thought people might be able to use these as they can be adapted to many forms of embroidery such as freestyle, crewel, adapted for even weave techniques such as blackwork, pulled work and needlepoint or even combined with applique and beadwork.

If you click on the image a larger version is available.


Free hand embroidery patternI thought this one looked very Japanese.


The last pattern looked like a strange flower.

This  is licensed under a Creative Commons License. I have released them so you can use the patterns for non commercial use.

However, please attribute the work to me, Sharon Boggon and link back here.

Free hand embroidery patternYou may NOT reprint them online without attribution as that is not in the spirit of sharing.



  1. i am writing from Pakistan. getting patterns is great but my biggest problem is colour combination. Here we wear long embroideried shirts. So what colour shirt would go with what colours of embroidery. Please can you guide me

  2. I thought the middle one looked a bit like crabs in a starfish. 🙂 And the bottom one like mice in a circle. I think I’ll add tails and cheese in the middle play with those a bit!

    Love the patterns! Thanks so much!

  3. These are wonderful – in needlepoint, exactly what I enjoy, as it would take some mathematics to work them out and make them symmetrical. The "Japanese" piece is actually the Chinese bats – used a lot on Chinese porcelains. I have a Celadon plate with that motif, along with the "coins" for prosperity, etc. The "red bat" is symbolic of Good Fortune (usually dark orange on the Celadon pieces)

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