Tutorial on how to make tube beads

Tutorial on how to make tube beads

Over on Pat Winter’s Gatherings Pat has published a step by step illustrated tutorial on how to make tube beads

These are quick, cheap and easily made. My daughter was taught how to do them when she was about 8 or 9 years old, so they are even suitable as a craft activity for children. It is common sense and goes without saying that since small pieces are involved it is not suitable for young children.

You can stuff these tubes with anything that is light. Pat has used beads, but they can be small slivers of fabric, pretty wrapping paper, and novelty knitting wool. The earrings made for me (about 15 years ago) were stuffed with thread scraps and they looked great but I have even seen them stuffed with rice! 

Check them out, as they make great gifts or used as Pat has, as embellishments.   

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