Sites worth bookmarking: Simply Samplers

Sites worth bookmarking: Simply Samplers

I was exploring the Simply samplers website yesterday and discovered this Sampler Game in which you can design your own sampler from traditional sampler motifs. 

I spent an age mucking about enjoying this Sampler Game

To design your sampler you click to add or select object by clicking in the grid on your right.

After placing it on the sampler you can move it by selecting it (click on it ) and using the arrows in the pop up palette.

In the same popup palette you can use the slide buttons to change size and shape. (In each case you need to select the object by clicking on it) 

Clicking in the rainbow bar at the base will change colour of your border

Use flashing white arrow to move to the alphabet options. 

To remove an object or letter select the object and use the delete button on the popup palette

When you have finished you can print the outcome. 

As it is pointed out on the site in the past part of a young girl’s education involved making a sampler as a way of learning and practising stitches and recording the patterns.

It is common to encounter samplers that show things about the stitchers life. Often the family name was recorded or an image of the school or house the girl lived in. Samplers often included religious text or a personal  message and the letters alphabet and numbers are also common.

This autobiographical aspect of samplers and sampler making has me total seduced at the moment and I am digging into this topic deeper.

In the meantime while you are on the site you might like to browse an exhibition of samplers, or read about the history of samplers. Poke around a bit,  particularly if you do not not know much about this topic as there is loads of information on this site and it is definitely worth bookmarking.  



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