Drawn thread embroidery book online

Drawn thread embroidery book online

screenshot of bookI discovered two files on  the Antique Pattern Library web site that are a very useful and free book on Drawn thread embroidery.

If you are interested in even weave stitching techniques you will enjoy  Part I – Drawn Thread Embroidery by Therese Dillmont (PDF) and Part II – Drawn Thread Embroidery by Therese Dillmont (PDF)

Both of these resources are PDF files which means you need Acrobat Reader to open these files. You can download a free reader on the Acrobat site.

Since this is a book that is online because it is not longer under copyright instructions are old fashioned and in black and white but since we are talking about a traditional hand embroidery technique this is not a problem. The information is the same just  presented in a manner which is no longer fashionable. These old books are often a little confusing when you first read them but you soon learn to make sense of the way they present instructions.

Not only are the basics of this technique covered but many different insertion patterns and needle weaving patterns are included.

screenshot of page

The first PDF file mainly contains instructional material that covers the stitches and patterns. The second PDF file give detailed instructions on how to work some of the designs.


  1. Thanks Sharon – i had part 1 but stopped because I had not enough left on my broadband scheme for the month – however I had forgotten to do the second part the next month so I am very grateful that you jogged my memory. some of those pictures are stunning.

  2. Oh drool, drool! Another download complete….

    I think your blog is going to have to start carrying and ‘Enabling Alert’ warning!! All these lovely things you keep finding, but you haven’t found the time for me to read and use them to the full!=)LOL

    Thanks ever so.

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