Embroidered woodlands free pattern

Embroidered woodlands free pattern

I don’t often point to resources for machine embroidery but this free project of the month looked so good I felt it could not be missed.

At first I nearly dismissed Machine Embroidered Woodlands by Alison Holt because when on the web page the Search press website gives no indication that it is a free project. In fact it says it is for sale but click on the download PDF and it is given freely to you as part of their monthly features series.

Machine Embroidered Woodlands is a lovely piece and I am sure many will really enjoy this free design. If you are not a machine embroiderer it is worth reading through just to see the way the image has been thought about and is built up layer by layer in a painterly manner.

Thanks goes out to a regular reader Carol who dropped me an email to let me know of the link.

Added later

This offer was time sensitive and is no longer available.


  1. Yes I have just checked the and although it was working when I wrote about it – the offer must be time sensitive as it is no longer available – sorry folks

    Sharon B
  2. I clicked on the link and was taken to a pdf of a Father’s Day Card. Was this a timed offer?

    Thanks for a wonderful blog – you bring us so many interesting and fascinating projects.


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