For the love of stitch band sampler section 9

For the love of stitch band sampler section 9

band sampler section 9

We are now at the next big section of the sampler.

As readers may sense this was a busy time of my life for me. I started this sampler in 2004 and completed it early 2005.

The whole sampler consists of variations of herringbone stitch. In fact that was the aim of this sampler. I took one stitch and pushed it in various directions. Those people who have done this as part of a challenge will know hoe interesting this can become. There are still lots of ways to push this stitch but in the end I got a little tired of just herringbone!

You will notice that most bands are only single or double lines of the stitch. I could have worked dozens of various fills if I have worked some of these as blocks too.

I have often thought of taking each band in this sampler and using it as a jumping off spot for other stitches and stitch combinations to produce another sampler but I have never got around to it.

Over the next couple of weeks I will talk about each band of this piece which I think crazy quilters will enjoy seeing it as I am sure it will provoke lots of ideas.

Please note I will not be covering the same design points that cover in my classes as it is not fair to those who have paid for the class. I do not duplicate what is on my blog in my classes

If you have taken any of my classes you will see I have used some of the bands to illustrate points I have made in the text. Since many of my classes are about applying design principles to stitches or crazy quilting this sampler has proved very useful to give students ideas.

Unlike other areas of the sampler such as section 5 and 6 where I sat down and worked the sampler as designed piece I worked this sampler in an experimental manner picking it up when I was in the mood and experimenting with just one stitch.

The sample is worked on white/cream dress linen. It was part of a remnant I found in a local fabric store.

There is a mix of threads used on the sampler which I will discuss as I write about each band.

I hope people are enjoying the series.

Sampler FAQ
For the full back story on this piece visit the Sampler FAQ.

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